Modern Age
Urbanization of Fujimi City

Economic growth after the war raised population concentration into big cities and their outskirts. Urbanization ranged over the area around the Tsuruse Station. The Tsuruse Residential Complex of the Japan Housing Corporation accelerates it. Almost 1,000 people were moved to the new residential complex in 1957 when the population of Fujimi City was around 10,000. Most of them were households with commuters who work in the metropolitan center. The second Residential complex comprised of 1,047 units opened in 1962. Shopping street and ready-built housings by the private sector were developed around the complex.

An illustrious comic strip portrayed an office worker who purchased his house in Fujimi City.


Newspapers and Photographs about Urbanization of Fujimi City

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore