Eestablishment of Elementary Schools

The government promulgated modern educational system in 1872. In compliance with this, seven villages jointly established a school, and later one or two villages establish a school respectively. Budget of a school and tuition must be borne by residents. Children were helpful laborers so that school enrollment rate remained about the same as in the Edo period. Children mostly go to school after the abolition of tuition in 1900.


Seal of School(a replica placed in the post in your back)

Surveillance of Books in the School Library

Elementary School Textbook


A Notebook Used in an Elementary School

Graduation Certificates of an Elementary School

Protocol on Instituting Elementary Schools, 1873

Request for the Founding of Katsuse Elementary School, 1873

Documentation of the Expense Burden for Schools, 1875

A Survey Sheet on School Enrollment, 1875: 22 out of 161 children attend a school.

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore