Modern Period (1867-1945)
Meiji Ishin (Restoration), Upheaval and Transformation

The grand transformation referred to as Meiji Ishin had a tremendous influence on people. The prefecture (Ken) system superseded the domain (Han) system in 1871. Heads of wards were appointed under the new system of major and minor wards in 1872. Thus, the local government system was profoundly changed. Land survey was conducted in 1876 to complete the land-tax reform, and the annual land-tax payment was fixed with an official rate. Full-fledged primary education began in 1873.


Kōsatsu (Official Bulletin Board), 1868, Announcing the Start of the New Government

Act for the Land-Tax Reform, 1876

Abstract of the Instruction of the Land-Tax Reform, 1876

Mobilization Documentation for the Land-Tax Reform, 1876

Certificate of Land Title, 1874, issued to the landowner and made it possible to sale land.

Certificate of Land Title, 1880, issued upon the confirmation of land-tax.

Notice of “Haihan-Chiken”, 1871: Prefectures superseded the domain system.

A Letter of Appointment of the Head of Ward, 1872

Worklog of the Head of Ward, 1875

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