Performing Art Thrived in the Early Modern Period

Village festivals were bright and purified days of “Hare” at the turns of seasons for farmers, praying for a good harvest in Spring, praying for an epidemic extermination in Summer, and thanking for the harvest in Autumn. “Satokagura” (sacred music and dance), “Shishimai” (lion dance) and “Ohayashi” (folk instrumental music) were dedicated to the shrine in a festival. In the Fujimi City, two high-ranking actors of “Satokagura”, two groups of Shishimai, and six groups of Ohayashi are still active today. They are originated in the Edo period.


“Shishimai” (Lion Dance) of Nanbata Hachiman Shrine

Account Book of the Fund-raising for Shishimai (Lion Dance), 1799

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore