Early Modern Period
Travels and Surrogate Pilgrimage

Peace prevailed in the Edo period promoted economic growth and farmers became wealthier. Development of roads and posting stations facilitated peoplefs travel around the country. Onshi or Oshi (priests attached to shrines) go around villages to invite people to religious affiliation. Affiliated villagers organize Kō (confraternity) and undertake surrogate pilgrimages. Some of them traveled around Osaka and/or Kyoto after visiting Ise. People were aware of the risks of traveling to an unfamiliar land. An episode that many relatives gathered to see the pilgrims off is described in "Dōchū-Nikki-chō".


Pass Certification at the Yokokawa Checkpoint, 1805

“Dōchū-Nikki”, A Travel Diary for Ise Pilgrimage, 1862

Stamp Book, 1856

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore