Early Modern Period

The lords established various regulations for farmers in order to sustain the regime. The Kawagoe domain established “Gunkata-jōmoku” that prescribe compliance with the bakufu laws, delivery of Nengu, prohibition of violence and gambling, and so on. The Gonin-gumi (the five-household group) system encouraged mutual aid and mutual surveillance.

Northwestern outskirts of Edo including Fujimi city area was Takaba (falconry hunting ground) for the Owari domain. Officials of the Torimi-jinfya (outpost) mobilize farmers and regulate their daily lives punctiliously.


Gunkata-jōmoku (County Codes) of the Kawagoe domain, 1762

Ninbetsu-aratame-chō (family registers) of Ōkubo village, 1841

Foreword of the Gonin-gumi (the five-household group) documentation of Ōkubo village, 1768

Kōsatsu (Official Bulletin Board), 1682, committing ample reward for the informer against a Christian

Boundary Stake of Takaba (falconry hunting ground), replica

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore