Crops Grown on the Fields

Various crops were grown on the upland fields and chosen according to circumstances of the era. Barley, wheat, millet, soybean, adzuki bean, sweet potato, cotton, sesame, etc. were cultivated in the Edo period. The majority of crop production is grain for personal consumption. Besides, commercial crop was cultivated. In the 20th century, taro (Satoimo), burdock and vegetables became cultivated. As a result of the implementation of liberalization of trade, production of wheat was decreased and production of fresh vegetables was increased.


Furikomi-Joren (Scoop Rake) to plow up a wheat field, backward type for lowlands and foreward type for upland type.

Manual Seeder for Wheat

Kururibō (Thresher)

Digging Shovel for Burdock

Digging Stick for Burdock

Knife used for Potato Harvesting

Tea Winnow

Tea Plucking Scissor

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