Transition from Wet Paddy Field to the Well-Drained Ones

Most of rice fields in the city area lie on alluvial lands along rivers. They are mainly wet paddies which yield low harvest.

Improvements of rice fields were conducted in the areas respectively during 1910s just after the major flood and during 1940s after the war. Consequently, wet paddies were converted to well-drained paddies where off season crops became possible such as wheat and potato other than rice.


Long Handled Weeding Tool for Rice Paddy

Harrow for Wet Paddy

Harrow for Well-Drained Paddy

Tageta (Paddy Clog for Wet Paddy)

Tabune (Sledge for Wet Paddy)

Senbakoki (Rice Thresher)

Foot Operated Rice Thresher

Ladder Style Pack Frame (Crop Carrier)

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore