Rice Paddy and Dry Field

Today, most of households in the city are of company employees. Most of them were of farmers in the 1950s. Nogata villages (Tsuruse, Mizutani) have dry fields on the upland and rice paddy on the valley and alluvial flat at the foot of the upland. Satogata village (Nanbata) has rice paddy around the residence and dry field on the upland. Exhibits here in the room are farming implements used in the city area before mechanization.


Dipper for Fertilizer

Hoe for Reclamation

Enga (Long handled Plow) for Tilling

Horse Plow; became popular after well-drained rice field introduced.


Horse Rake for Rice Paddy

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore