Development of the Musashino Upland and Arising Frictions

The Musashino Upland spreads far and wide behind Nogata villages. There used to be Magusaba (common area for mowing) shared by adjacent villages.

Shogunal and the Kawagoe Domain advanced developments of uplands in the 17th century and attempted to increase revenue from nengu (annual tribute). The Kawagoe Domain appointed Nomori (warden) to control the area and levy Yasen (charge). Frictions arose and repeated between villages and farmers over interests.

Expansion of crop fields on the Musashino Upland effected diversion of fertilizer. Formerly farmers collected fertilizer from Magusaba. Instead, they became to purchase fertilizer such as bran or dried sardine. The Shinkashi River transportation enabled this diversion. Farmers make shipment of harvest to Edo reversely.


Document of Activities at Magusaba (common area for mowing):A Record of Disputes on Magusaba in the Musashino Upland Arose in 1684

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