Wartime Life (1938-1945)

The prolonged Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War inevitably affect everyday lives of people. Most of commodities were put under governmental control. Producers were forced to supply, and consumers were subject to the rationing system with increasing inconvenience.

Massive air-raids against larger cities such as Tokyo became fierce about since 1944 and people evacuate to the rural areas including Fujimi City area. Air-raid against Fujimi City area in April 1945 killed some of the residents.


Bomb Fragments Dropped in the City Area

Wartime Farming Support Substituting for a Soldier at the Front

National Flag with Many Signatures: presented to a departing soldier praying for his safe return.

Sen'ninbari (A Thousand-Stitch Belt)

List of Departing Soldiers: It was remained in spite of order to incinerate.

A Diary of a Village Official around the Broadcast of the Imperial Voice, 1945

Military Service Bag

Air-raid Hood

Wartime Government Bond

Clothing Coupon

Memorandum of Rations, 1941-1945: Wartime and Postwar Records of Daily Life.

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore