Sengoku period (16th century)
The exploits of Nanbata Zengin

Struggle between the Ōgigayastu Uesugi clan and the Hōjō clan over the domination of Musashi province lasted for 23 years in the early part of the Sengoku period. Nanbata Zengin was a senior vassal of the Ōgigayastu Uesugi clan.

Zengin, as the general of the Uesugi clan, published an official bulletin board (Seisatsu) at Myōkokuji temple, Shinagawa Edo, in 1533. Then he served as a castellan of Matsuyama castle. He also facilitated a coalition against the Hōjō clan. Zengin was killed in the Kawagoe battle in 1546, and the Ōgigayastu Uesugi clan was ruined. Nanbata Yotarō became a retainer of the Hōjō clan afterwards.


Commander's Helmet, manufactured in 1534.

Official Bulletin Board (Seisatsu) at Myōkokuji temple (replica): Nanbata Zengin inhibited unruly violence by subordinate soldiers.

Bell (Waniguchi, replica): It is inscribed that Nanbata Yotarō donated this to the shrine.

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore