Medieval Prayer and Belief

Medieval people, from the Kamakura period through the Sengoku period, erected Itabi stele in commemoration of the deceased or for the repose of oneself in the afterlife. Stone mine in the upstream of the Arakawa River was applied to the production of Itabi, and the Musashi type Itabi were produced in large numbers and distributed around the province. The early Itabi were comparatively large and erected by warriors and priests. Commoners adopted Itabi later including Ketsujū Itabi for the service on Tsukimachi (moon viewing).


Itabi, inscribed a Sanskrit character connoting Buddha in the upper part, the year of erection and clients in Kanji characters in the lower part. The oldest Itabi was found in Fujimi city.

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Nanbatajō Museum, Fujimi City Municipal Museum of History and Folklore